• MyDoorOpener only requires a low-cost and easy to configure Arduino controller to open/close/monitor your garage door. No computer needs to remain turned ON at home for the  iPhone application to be able to control and monitor any attached devices or doors.

  • The iPhone application works over the internet to access your home network and control any devices attached to your controller.

  • All exchanges between the iPhone application and controller are encrypted using a password scheme which changes for every single operation. No two control operations will get encrypted using the same key, preventing signal theft and unauthorized entry.

  • If your garage door is equipped with an open/close alarm contact, the  iPhone application can leverage this by offering visual feedback of your door's current state. If you don't have such sensor installed, the iPhone application will still be able to control the door, without providing this additional feedback information.

  • Notifications can optionally be sent when a door gets opened or when a door remains open for longer than a certain amount of time. Push, SMS or email notifications are supported.

  • The iPhone app supports operating of an unlimited number of doors or devices (only limited by the Arduino controller and number of relays installed).

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